When I was looking around the Internet for inspiration I found this picture. This actually inspired me to write the following piece. I am sure it will probably inspire me to do something else as well, but here it is, my first shot.

He already knew why he was locked away in the cage. He was a killer; pure and simple. True, there had never been on trial, no charges had ever been filed. Mind you, that did not make the fact any less true. Admittedly, he had never done anything to act upon those natural instincts that made him a killer. It did not make any difference to his captors, or even himself, because it resided somewhere in his natural being. There was a cold-blooded killer lurking within him. He scared his captors, and that was enough to convince him that he belonged in this cage.

They had…

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5 Tries: NYX Stay Matte Not Flat Powder Foundation


It’s been a while since I’ve done a 5 Tries post, so let me reintroduce the concept. I take an underutilized product from my makeup collection and use it for five days and if possible in five different ways. These posts allow me to use a bit of product up as well as review something that I haven’t touched on recently.

Today’s post is about NYX’s Stay Matte Not Flat Powder Foundation.


Please excuse the mess on the packaging; the powder tends to get all over the outer rim but the product itself isn’t messy or hard to apply.


This also comes with a circular makeup sponge, which I like for application but you can also use a brush or beauty blender if that’s your preference.

I’m in the shade 04 Creamy Natural. According to the description Creamy Natural is a shade for porcelain skin with peachy undertones. Personally, I…

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Website Project: Fuller Haven

Nicola's Apprenticeship Journey

This is my first blog post about my website project which is called Fuller Haven.

Fuller Haven Early Development

I got the idea to create this website from one of my friends who needed an online presence to promote her house in Bulgaria. She wants to attract some people to come and stay and help out renovating the house. She asked me to develop a nice website and some social media accounts on Facebook and twitter.

My proposal was to create this website for free. She is a close friend and she is helping me develop my website building skills. I explained that I will be using the WordPress which is a CMS, Content Management System. I explained that it will be initially on the free WordPress url but if she wants she can buy her own domain name using one of the cheap domain name websites.

The websites main strengths is that the…

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Bloodbaths and Boomsticks enjoys special guest Jon Cross coming by…


This week we welcome back one of our favorite dudes in the podcast game Mr. Jon Cross.  We get into all sorts of nonsense such as how Wolfman Jack single-handedly impregnated the 70’s,  Zidgets (zombie midgets), Italian devil movies, Sho Kusugi’s ninja star madness, Liam Neeson failing at the theater, Tim shares his line-up for the out of print room at Pittsburgh’s Horror realm convention, we fix The X-Files, And all things Kareem Abdul Jabbar.  All this and the regular ramblings.

 episode 149

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How Harper Lee Saved Me

Exile on Pain Street

Several people have pinged me about the announcement of Harper Lee’s new novel. It’s based on a recently-discovered manuscript that she wrote in mid-50’s and takes place 20 years after To Kill A Mockingbird.

I think just about everyone has already read and commented on this post but I thought I’d rerun it. It’s the reason why people are reaching out to me with this wonderful news. It explains who I am and why I’m typing these words right now. I’d be a hot mess if it weren’t for her.

Today is the 50th anniversary of the publication of To Kill a Mockingbird. It’s the single most important book in my life.

I didn’t read a book until I was 20 years old. It’s true! They attempted to force-feed me while attending my below-average schools, but I made it clear that I would only read a book under protest…

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